Estate Chardonnay 2012

HARVEST DATE: 28/3/2012 – 27/4/2012
BRIX @ HARVEST: 23.1 – 26.2
BARREL: 100% seasoned oak
T.A: 5.93
PH: 3.4
R.S: <2 g/L
ALC: 13.6%

Cellar notes
2012 was a very late vintage with a cool summer but an amazingly calm hot autumn. Like all of the whites in 2012, the chardonnay was picked on average two weeks later than normal with ripe flavours but modest sugars. Chardonnay at Man O’ War is whole bunch pressed and delivered directly to barrel (in this case old French oak) for a ‘wild’ fermentation. In 2012, the Chardonnay unexpectedly kicked off malolactic fermentation during the winter which does not normally happen at Man O’ War, so there is a partial Malo element to the wine. The wine stayed in Barrel until just prior to Christmas ,for bottling early in the Autumn of 2013 before harvest.

Tasting notes
On the nose, there is some subtle struck match characters melding nicely with some toasty oak/lees influence and of course the lovely lemon curd character from the Malo. On the palate, the minerality of the vineyard sites still shines through as despite its relative low acidity, it is still very vibrant and elegant.